Landscape Design 1

Site Design Basics

This course explores basic design elements, principles, and issues relevant to landscape architecture. Projects emphasize abstract 3D space and form; the basics of site design: conceptual design, imagery, and symbolism; and basic issues of proportion, scale, and composition.


Steven Chavez

Project Location

UCLA Campus

SCASLA Achievement Award

The Stage – Macgowen Hall Redevelopment

Student: Heather Wu

Redesign of UCLA’s Macgowan Hall’s Courtyard

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LD1 Final Presentation

Student: Grace Pan

A modern redesign of the Courtyard of Theaters in response to current site conditions and programmatic needs.

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LD1-Macgowan Hall

Student: Tracy Wolk

A reimagination of under utilized Macgowan Hall Courtyard of Theaters

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SCASLA Achievement Award

Macgowan Courtyard

Student: Calvin Mingione

The design seeks to redevelop the existing, underutilized courtyard space with interventions that capitalize on the courtyard’s unique characteristics and foster a more inviting space with added benefit for the theater users and the broader campus population.

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SCASLA Achievement Award

Cascading Terraces

Student: Jesse Woltal

Site analysis and proposal for UCLA’s MacGowan Courtyard.

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SCASLA Excellence Award

UCLA Courtyard of Theaters: Macgowan Hall Redesign

Student: Jen Moody

An artistic oasis and event space, this redesign opens up MacGowan Hall courtyard and defines walkways using curved, Serra-like walls.

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SCASLA Honorable Mention

MacGowan Courtyard Redevelopment

Student: Marilena Lewandowski

Redevelopment of MacGowan Courtyard

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Forest Glade Courtyard for UCLA MacGowan Hall

Student: Clayton Daily

A concept for the redesign of the Courtyard of Theaters at UCLA’s MacGowan Hall. It features a forest glade with a neolithic stone ring and a kinetic wind sculpture at the center. The hardscape drains toward the center of the courtyard into a rain garden.

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Macgowen Hall

Student: Garo Manjikian

Redesign of Macgowen Hall Courtyard

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