Landscape Design 6

Concept Development

This course explores the use of drawings as tools for visualization and design development. The focus is on developing an ability to use drawings to model and manipulate visual information throughout the various stages of design evolution. Techniques for examining ideas and concept alternatives through composite, perspective, orthographic, and axonometric drawings are explored. Lectures present examples of built projects and methods of recognized professionals, which illustrate the dramatic influence drawing type may have on the final form or organization of a design. The course requires intensive drawing time; students must have already mastered basic drafting and sketching skills.


Chuck Ware

Steven Chavez

Project Location


Los Angeles

SCASLA Excellence Award

Embracing Eastvale’s Riverfront

Students: Brennan Groh, Teresita Larrain, Amy Norman, Jina Park, Tyler Peters, Jacqueline Wee

Instructor: Chuck Ware

By integrating Eastvale’s river corridor with the broader public realm, a transformative set of community, environmental, economic and cultural benefits may be achieved.

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LD 6 – The Bowtie Project

Student: Christina Eldredge

Instructor: Steven Chavez

A redesign of a post-industrial site along the Los Angeles River in downtown LA.

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Bowtie Parcel Master Plan

Student: Anna Asnis

Instructor: Steven Chavez

A Master Plan for redevelopment of a former rail yard site near the LA river.

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